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What is Shoppr?

Shoppr is a fun online fashion and beauty shopping platform where you can discover and shop from over 3,000 local and international brands. Get personalized product recommendations, find new arrivals every day, and receive sales alerts for your saved items and style tips from our shoppable style guides. Shoppr wants you to feel good, confident and be unapologetically yourself in whatever you wear.

Do I have to pay to use Shoppr?

Nope! It’s free and there are no hidden fees. You can buy items through Shoppr at no extra cost!

Shopping on Shoppr

How do I shop on Shoppr?

You can shop through our Style Guides, Outfit Product Recommendations or throught categories and search.

How do I make a payment on Shoppr?

To make a payment, click Buy via (Brand's Name) to complete your purchase on the brand’s website itself.

Why do I leave Shoppr when I make my purchase?

When you find a product you want to buy, we then connect you directly to the brand to complete your purchase. Shoppr is here to make your discovering and shopping for fashion easy and enjoyable.

Where can I find information on size, measurements, delivery and return?

This information is available when you view the product info page. Additional information is available on the brand website when you click the Buy via (Brand's Name) button.

Why is the price listed on Shoppr different from what I see on the brand’s website?

To make it simple for you, prices shown on Shoppr from international brands have been converted to your local currency or the currency you have selected, using the latest publicly available currency exchange rate. There is no extra cost to shopping via Shoppr. However, if you worry about any potential price difference, we encourage you do a quick conversion check using this easy currency converter. When you find a product you want to buy, we then connect you directly to each brand to complete your purchase, which will show the currency of the international brand.

How can I change the currency displayed?

The default currency is chosen based on your location, but can be changed.

  • Website: Choose a currency from the drop down menu at the top right of the navigation.

  • Android & iOS Apps: Go to Profile > Settings > Currency

What if I have a problem with my purchase?

Since we connect you directly to each brand to complete your purchase. As such, your first point of contact for support in delivery tracking, refunds, exchanges, or customer service should be with the brand.

Where do I view a list of brands Shoppr carries?

You can find a list of brands we carry here.

Fashion Inspiration

Ways to get inspired on Shoppr

1. Style Guides

Get your outfit inspiration fix from our style guides. Here Shoppr highlights the latest trends, style tips and tricks to help you pull off the looks you love for every occasion.

2. Outfits

Browse through outfits by Shoppr’s stylish community. Save the looks you like to your boards or shop the items under Shop Her Look to recreate the look.

3. Search

Sometimes you just want to find what you want. Use the search bar to search over 500K products from 3,000+ brands.

Note: Saving outfits to boards is only available on the iOS & Android app.
Note: Searching for @users is only available on the iOS & Android app.
How can I upload my own outfits?

We would love to invite you to share your fashion sense and inspire other girls in the Shoppr community! Install Shoppr for iOS or Android to upload your outfit. Once in the app, tap on the Upload icon that appears in Outfits. Please refer to the Outfit Upload Guidelines at the bottom of the page before uploading an outfit to ensure Shoppr is a safe and fun fashion environment for everyone.

How do I delete an outfit I have posted?

To delete a look you have posted, visit your Profile > Outfits tab > long press the outfit you would like to delete > Tap on the “delete” button.

Note: Deleting outfits is only available on the iOS & Android app.


Note: Boards are currently only available on the iOS & Android app.
What are boards?

Boards can be found under the Favourites tab in your Profile. This feature allows you to save outfits you love and categorise them to your needs. To save an outfit, click on the + Add to Board button under each Outfit and choose a board or create a new board that you want to save it to. By doing this, you can always refer to your boards located in your profile for inspirational reminders or when you’re ready to buy something based on the looks you saved.

How do I delete a board?

Tap the three dots of each board to reveal the delete option.

How do I delete an outfit from my board?
  • iOS App: Open the board that the outfit is saved to. Tap select at the top right to delete or move to other boards.

  • Android App: Long-press an outfit to reveal the delete/move option. Alternatively, you can tap the select at the top right.

Profile & Account

How do I edit my profile?

Go to your Profile and tap on the little pencil icon next to your username or go to Settings > Edit Profile. Allow the community to get to know you better and share something fun about yourself!

Note: Editing Profile is currently only available on the iOS & Android app.
How do I remove an item that was saved to my wishlist?
  • Website: Click on the Saved button on the top right of the navigation to access items you saved to your wishlist. Tap the 🖤 Saved button on the product to remove it from your wishlist.

  • Android & iOS Apps: Tap on the little grey heart on the product in your Saved list inside Profile. Alternatively you can open the product's info and un-save from there.

How do I change my username?

Usernames can't be changed by yourself, however you can send a request with your existing and new username, along with the email you signed up with to, or connect with us via chat to change it. Here’s how to find it.

I forgot my password and login details. What can I do?

On the sign / register in page, click Forgot Password?. If you still have trouble accessing your account, send us a message at, or connect with us via chat.

How do I delete my account?

We are sorry to see you go 🙁. To delete your account, contact us at with your username and account email and we will process your account removal. Additionally, please share why you have chosen to part ways with us.


Is there Shoppr for Men?

Not yet. Shoppr is currently only available to females. Due to popular demand, the good news is we plan to launch Shoppr for Men in the foreseeable future. Hang tight until then!

Outfit Upload Guideline

1. Strictly no product images uploaded for commercial purposes

The photo sharing feature on Shoppr is purely for inspiration and aspiration purposes, to let other users find and shop similar items as seen on the photo. As such we do not accept any product images uploaded for commercial purposes whether it is first or second hand items. This includes flatlays as they don’t allow your fellow Shopprholics to visualize how a look can be styled.

2. Full-length looks are ideal

Images capturing your outfit from head to toe are preferable to one that only shows a partial view. Otherwise, Shoppr will have a tough time recommending items for your fellow Shopprholics to get your look. This applies to headshots. We can’t buy your facial features or can we?

3. Outfits must be clearly visible. We don’t want to miss a thing!

Refrain from using filters that cause photos to appear over-exposed, coloured, blurry, etc. Do not include text in the image as it may obstruct the view of the outfit. This is to ensure that Shoppr can accurately detect the items in your photo and recommend similar fashion to others who love your look!

4. Ain’t nobody like a spammer, so let’s not.

Refrain from posting more than 3 photos back to back.

5. No nudity or offensive material. We’ll leave that to Miley Cyrus
6. No photos of children (under the age of 13)

Need we say more?

7. Lastly, we reserve the rights to delete photos violating the above guideline without notice.

If you believe your outfit has been wrongfully removed, email us via

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